Rice Husk Kids Dinner Plate

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• Made from rice husks, a natural fibre.
• Withstand temperature between -30°C and 120°C
• Toxic Free
• High Heat Sterilization
• Biodegradation begins when it is exposed to an ideal environment.

Size : L22.8*W19*H2.7cm

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Rice husk is the hard protecting cover of the rice grain. It is the major by-product of rice.

Have you ever thought that this by-product can be used for manufacturing tableware?

Do you know we discard more than 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks every year?

How many take out containers do you bring home per month?

Would you like to join the BYO (Bring Your Own) to help fighting global warming?

Our Rice Husks products are made from rice husk, a natural fiber from rice grain. It can withstand the temperature between -30°C and 120°C. Our products are eco-friendly and safe to use in our daily life. They are toxic free and biodegradable after disposal.

Stop cutting down bamboo trees and killing forests. Bring your own tableware today to save the world and sustain a healthy life.