Aroma Mask Magnet Diffuser

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Upgrade your mask wearing experience with this aroma mask magnet diffuser . Now you can breath in essential oils while wearing a mask.

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This lightweight diffuser is equipped with an interchangeable inner layer that is made of a patented Ceramic Diffuser Stone where you can add a few drops of essential oils to keep you feeling balanced all day. Made of 316F surgical grade stainless steel with a strong magnet attached, the lightweight diffuser stays on your mask the whole day without dragging the mask down.


Product Description:

Material: 316F Surgical grade stainless steel. Highly resisted to rust, corrosion & tarnishing. Sturdy & durable.
Size: Diameter: 18mm. Thickness: 5.3mm.
Weight: 7.5g (Including ceramic diffuser & magnet)

Each of our mask magnet diffuser kit comes with:

  • 1 stainless steel mask magnet diffuser
  • 1 rear magnet
  • 2 ceramic diffuser stones

Diffuser Notes:

  • The patented diffuser stone is molded using high-molecular ceramics fired at 1,000 degrees C. The uniform micro-pores allow the essential oil to be absorbed within seconds after dripping. It can be used indefinitely and repeated uses will not affect the diffusion of fragrance.
  • The essential oil fragrance with generally last 1~2 days.